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Restoring the Annapolis Royal Train Station

The restoration of the Annapolis Royal Train Station was an emotional decision. It's not rational to buy and restore an abandoned, flooded, rotting commercial structure that nobody wants! I had to form a company to own it, find a team who’d help me save it, and locate a tenant who would be willing to rent a heritage-designated building.

Train Station Front Before

Luckily, in Annapolis Royal, almost all things are possible. Fifteen years after the last train went through town and the tracks were taken up forever, the station welcomed over 200 delighted visitors to its Open House.

Train Station Crowd

Later in that summer of 2006, the station became the home of CARP, the Clean Annapolis River Project, an environmental non-profit agency that takes care of the Annapolis River watershed. A wonderful tenant for many years, CARP eventually outgrew the space, and my own company AIRO moved into the train station in June of 2016.

Train Station After

Here is the story of this beautiful little Arts and Crafts train station and how it came to be reborn — once again useful, dignified and proud. Please use the following links to learn more:

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