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What did Charlotte Perkins say?

Here is what Charlotte Perkins wrote about the Ruggles-Munro House in her book The Romance of Old Annapolis Royal:

“Mr Laurence Munro’s house as the home of Mr Israel Ruggles, was one of the prettiest in town, with a beautiful garden and lime trees that had been imported from England. Extending the length of the house upstairs was a ball room, prettily decorated, while on each side were wings which have since been removed giving the place a modern appearance. Many servants were at the beck and call of the family, the children not being allowed to go to the kitchen even for a drink, but were required to order a servant to do the task. Here was lavish entertainment and there are tales of too much wine being imbibed, necessitating the removal of those afflicted. If this were so, we must in charity pass it over as a not uncommon occurrence in every garrison town.”